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Winter Intersession General Information

Winter Intersession 2025

January 2 - 15, 2025

The Winter Intersession 2025 Schedule of Classes will be available in October.



SSU Students

Complete the Late Registration Form to register.

Online Registration 1 (October 17 - December 15, 2023): Fees are due December 15, 2023. Students who have not paid their Winter Intersession fees in full or made payment arrangements with SEIE will be disenrolled from their Intersession classes for non-payment.

Online Registration 2 (December 21, 2023 - January 1, 2024): Fees are due January 1. Students who have not paid their Winter Intersession fees in full or made payment arrangements with SEIE will be disenrolled from their Intersession classes for non-payment.

How to Register in MySSU.

Late Registration:

SSU students must submit a Late Registration Form by 4pm on January 4, 2024. Permission of instructor is required to register after a class has started.

Late registration fees are due upon enrollment.

Non-SSU Students

Non-SSU students must complete the Open Door registration form, and payment is due at the time of enrollment.

Dishonored Checks

Dishonored Check or Credit Card Fee (Returned for any reason) is $20.

Before the drop/add deadline

SSU Students: Classes may be dropped online until January 2, 2024. After that, classes may be dropped via an email to until January 4, 2024. The last day to drop for a full refund is January 2, 2024. The last day to drop for a 65% refund is January 4, 2024. A drop will remove the class from your current schedule with no record of your enrollment in the class on your official transcript.

Non-SSU/Open Door Students: Courses can only be dropped via email to The last day to drop for a full refund is January 3, 2024. The last day to drop for a 65% refund is January 4, 2024.

After the drop/add deadline

A drop/withdrawal request made after January 4, 2024 will be considered a withdrawal. No refund will be given for a withdrawal.

SSU & Non-SSU Students: Courses can only be dropped after the deadline via email to

A withdrawal will remove the class from your current schedule and will result in a grade of ‘W’ on your official transcript. The grade of ‘W’ has no impact on your GPA.

Petitions to drop late must be for "serious and compelling" reasons with Faculty approval. Serious and compelling reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • An extended absence due to a verifiable accident, illness, or personal problem serious enough to cause withdrawal from the university;
  • An extended absence due to a death in the immediate family;
  • A necessary change in employment status which interferes with the student's ability to attend class. This change in employment status must be verified in writing by the students employer.

The following situations would not fall under the intent of "serious and compelling":

  • Failure to attend class, complete assignments, or take a test;
  • Dissatisfaction with course material, instructional method, or instructor;
  • Class is harder than expected;
  • Pressure of other classes, participation in social activities, or simple lack of motivation;
  • Change of major.

Winter Intersession

Undergraduate and Graduate class fees are $365/unit*.


*Per approved "Category V Extended Education Fees Authorization and Approval " dated November 15, 2022.


All fees are refunded if you drop prior to the first day of Intersession. SSU students may drop online through MySSU through January 2, 2023. Non-SSU students must contact SEIE via email at by 4pm on January 2, 2023 to receive a full refund.



If the course is dropped by the second day of the session, a 65% refund is given.

To drop after January 2, you must contact SEIE via email at by 4pm on January 4, 2024.

No Refund

No refunds are given if course(s) are dropped after January 4, 2024.

Using your Spring Financial Aid to Pay Your Intersession Fees

There are no financial aid awards specifically for Intersession.

If you have enough financial aid available, and you would like to request a deferral of your Winter Intersession fees and to use a portion of your Spring financial aid, you must fill out the Use of Financial Aid to Defer Fees Request Form. All deferment forms must be received by the School of Extended and International Education by December 14 in order to be processed before fees are due.

Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay your Intersession fees by the due date, you may request a payment plan. You are required to make 2 equal payments, one on the due date and one approximately a month later. Please see the Winter Intersession 2024 Payment Plan for actual due dates.

As long as you submit the form and make your payments on time, you will not be disenrolled for non-payment.

Some courses fulfill General Education (“GE”) requirements. 

General Education requirements depend on catalog year and have changed frequently over the last 5 years. For information on GE requirements or courses, please visit your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) or the Intersession schedule of courses in MySSU. We recommend consulting an academic advisor when choosing your Intersession courses. 

Former SSU students who are seeking reinstatement or to return after a lapse in enrollment should contact Anthony Korsund, the Student Success Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar, at or at (707) 664-3367.

Academic advising is not available to non-SSU students. Please consult your advisor at your home institution.

Winter Intersession courses offer SSU students “units in residence,” the same as courses taken during the academic terms. Students may enroll in a maximum of 4 units during Intersession.

Petitions for one additional unit (5 units total) will be considered during Winter Intersession. Petitions for more than 5 units will not be considered.

Any course prerequisites are listed in the School of Extended and International Education (SEIE) online catalog.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all course prerequisites are met prior to registering for a class. Failure to meet course prerequisites cannot be accepted as a justification for a refund of fees.

For persons needing adaptive technology access, a larger AsTech Lab is located in IT, on the 1st floor, south. These workstations and training in their use are supported by Disability Services for Students (DSS). Contact DSS at 4-2677 to make an appointment.

Students may contact the Disability Services for Students (DSS) office at (707) 664-2677 (dial 711 for Relay), or Live Chat is also available on the DSS website.

Before your date/time to register, check to see if you have any holds. Some holds must be cleared before you will be allowed to register. Holds can be viewed online once you login. Visit detailed instructions regarding viewing holds for more information.

Students are required to provide the University with proof of immunization from measles, mumps, rubella, (MMR) and from Hepatitis B. If you have not filed your proof of immunization, be sure to submit it to the Student Health Center before your scheduled registration appointment.

Winter Intersession housing may be available to students already living in SSU housing during Fall and Spring.

Please contact Housing Services at or 707-664-2541 for information regarding on-campus housing during Winter Intersession.