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For Faculty

Call for Summer Session 2024 Courses

The Summer Session 2024 courses will be offered to matriculated SSU students and non-matriculated students (including students from other colleges/universities, junior college students, and degree-seeking SEIE students). These include internships, special topics, in-person, online, and hybrid courses.

Scheduling Process

Consistent with scheduling for Fall and Spring semesters, beginning in 2024 Summer scheduling will be handled by the chair in coordination with the dean. Chairs and deans will receive a list of the courses offered in the prior Summer. Faculty interested in teaching during the Summer session should discuss their interest with their chair. Summer courses can only can be used to meet a part-time lecturer faculty member’s entitlement if the entitlement was not met during the Academic Year (AY) (CBA Appendix F). Chairs and deans will collaborate to ensure appropriate course and instructor rotations. Summer schedules are due to Julie Shell at by Monday February 5, 2023. Course information will be available for review March 4. Faculty contracts will be sent out mid-April. For more information contact Julie Shell at

Faculty Pay

Faculty may teach up to 15 weighted teaching units during Summer Session, and are limited to 8 WTU in any given four-week session.

Summer session pay is calculated on a per WTU basis using the 1/30th faculty pay scale (CBA 21.21), and any applicable indirect instruction compensation (CBA 21.22). Enrollment-based compensation will not be applied. 

Summer Session pay is issued mid-month in the month following the last day of class.

125% Rule

The Unit-3 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article 36) and the CSU System-Wide Additional Employment Policy (HR 2002-05) limit total employment in the California State University system to a total of 125%. Academic year faculty may teach during Summer Session but are limited to no more than 15 units in the Summer term across the CSU system. Caution must be taken so that the number of units assigned over the length of the Summer term does not exceed the allowable coverage. It is your responsibility to monitor and not violate the 15 unit / 125% rule.

Class Size

Class sizes will be limited to sizes that are no more than what they typically are during the academic year. Class size limits will be determined by the dean in consultation with the chair.  


  • 12-Week Session: May 28 - August 16
  • 4-Week Session I: May 28 - June 21  (No classes may be held Wednesday, June 19)
  • 4-Week Session II: June 24 - July 19 (No classes may be held Tuesday, July 4)
  • 4-Week Session III: July 22 - August 16 (Recommended: online classes only)

Please note, summer-only campus housing is not available July 22-16, which may prohibit some students from attending in-person courses. We recommend courses run online during that period.

Scheduling Format

All academic credit-bearing classes must adhere to the SSU credit hour policy. A total of 15 hours of classroom time and/or online instructional content are required for each academic unit for lecture/discussion courses, as well as 30 hours of academic preparation.​ Lab and activity courses require additional hours.

4-Week Sessions I (18 instructional days available: M - F)

4-Week Session II (19 instructional days available: M - F)

4-Week Session III (20 instructional days available: M - F)

  • 3 units/45 hours: 11 hours + 30 min/week
  • 4 units/60 hours: 15 hours/week

12-Week Session

Classes scheduled in the 12-week session must run the full 12 weeks. 

  • 3 units/45 hours: 3 hours + 45 min/week
  • 4 units/60 hours: 5 hours/week

Please note, summer-only campus housing is not available July 22-16, which may prohibit some students from attending in-person courses. We recommend courses run online during that period.

Please direct any questions to Julie Shell at

Class Requisites

Summer Session courses are scheduled with the standard SSU prerequisites listed in the university catalog unless a specific request is made to modify those requisites. Prerequisite waivers are subject to the approval of the department chair and dean.


A proposal for summer tuition is being circulated for approval and is expected to be finalized in late January. 

Enrollment and Fees

Summer course registration begins online on March 11 via MySSU for stateside matriculated students. Students who are enrolling through Open University will register and pay through the SEIE website. 

Summer Session Course Proposal

Summer schedules are due to Julie Shell by Monday February 5, 2024.

For more information contact the Summer Session Coordinator, Julie Shell at