Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Winter Intersession

There are no financial aid funds specifically for Winter Intersession.

If you would like to defer your Winter Intersession fees and use a portion of Spring 2020 financial aid you must fill out the Use of Financial Aid to Defer Fees Approval Form. You will receive an email via your Seawolf account letting you know if your Deferral has been approved or not. If your deferment is not approved you will be required to pay your fees by the stated deadlines.

All deferment forms must be received by the School of Extended and International Education by December 11, 2019 in order to be processed before fees are due.

SEIE cannot guarantee that deferment forms received after the deadline will be able to be processed before fees are due. Students whose fees have not been paid and who do not have an approved deferral at the time fees are due may be disenrolled from their Intersession classes.

For questions email: